TDW: Sidereal

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I've taken to using a shortened version of The Daily Write (TDW). I'm already this lazy and the first story is just about to begin. I really doubt this will actually last. But anyway, my first story was inspired by the word sidereal.

1. Astronomy. determined by or from the stars: sidereal time
2. Astronomy. of or pertaining to the stars.

We’ll look up at the night sky and all we see is the dark. No moonlight to guide us, no stars to fascinate us. The only thing that makes the night soothing is the lamp posts along the side of the road. Take that away and it’ll be the darkest night you’d ever see. The stars have been gone a while now. The moon decided to shine elsewhere. Maybe the stars and the moon decided that we weren’t worthy of their beauty. That we weren’t appreciative. They left us to be with our lampposts and headlights. It was fifty years ago that they vanished. Completely disappeared from our reach and sight. Only fifty years. All the scientists say there will be a comeback. A day when they shine so bright it will blind us so that they can prove to us that they are more than just worthy, they’re extraordinary and exquisite. Everyone else says that the minute the moon vanished, so did our hope. Hope for the next day, hope for the next sun. Maybe we were just engulfed in darkness that even a single light wouldn’t survive. The dark has been what it is since fifty years ago. The sun exists, no here but it’s there. I guess it applies to to the moon and the stars too. It exists, not here but elsewhere. They come up in our textbooks and stories told by the elderly. You wonder what beauty it must’ve contained, what life it must’ve given and you look now and all the plants are withered and all our emotions darker.

I’ll be thankful the day the sun, moon and stars comeback. Even if it’s enough to blind all of us back to darkness. The last light I’ll see would be that. A light so bright it hurts. A light that shines so that it can be heard. A light that sings a song that everyone will sing for the rest of their lives but no one will ever get tired of because it always reminds us what a day that was. When the light that shone on our skin was naturally warm that it left us all smiling. I’ll be waiting for the comeback and I’ll be grateful when it does.

Many people say that our life is determined by the stars we see. The wishes we send to the shooting stars that descend. The hopes we have at night that are heard by the moon. If we believed at what those people say, we’d all be hopeless cases. Because many of us have never seen a star. And if we’ve never seen a star, that means we haven’t given a wish worth listening to. And maybe that’s a sign that we’ve already got everything we’ve ever wished for and when we wish for things, they don’t really count or matter because they’re worthless little things. Worthless little things that have no meaning or sentiment. We grew up privileged yet die regretful with things on our bucket list still haven’t crossed off. Things on our bucket list we have yet to see.

The day the stars, moon and the sun comeback it’ll be a night to remember. It’ll be bigger than all birthdays combined of the whole human population. It’ll be an event that no one has their cameras turned on and ready for but it’ll be an event that everyone will have encased into their memories. It’ll forever be written in stories and be a whole chapter on history books. It’ll be an event where people will reminisce about. It’ll be an event where the whole universe seems to have changed for us. It’ll be an event where nothing but universe mattered.

There will be a magnificent show of starlights and a disperse of brightness. There will the illuminated night sky that no longer looks dark but the brightest color possible. This is the day where people will smile the most. This is the day that people will remember the most. This is the day you want everyone to know you saw even though everyone you tell will have seen it too. This day will be given the tittle VID, very important day. But it won’t be just VID, it’ll be TMIDTHEE, the most important day to have ever existed. And when that day comes, it’ll be the decision made by the stars when the whole sidereal system pours bright lights down to Earth and leave us stunned with it’s illumination.