I Guess It's Almost Been A Year...

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The last time I posted was on June 2014 which is almost a year now. I'm not a heavy writer nor a blogger as you can tell but sometimes you're in the mood. Blogging is not a chore nor a job to me but it is still a commitment and I think it's really easy to forget that. I've never been a huge fan of blogs or blog writing, but it's great a medium to get your thoughts out there, regardless if anyone actually reads it or not. On that note of commitment and such I kind of want to talk about responsibility.

No matter how old or young, you are responsible for something. I've recently gotten a puppy, an adorable one at that, however, there are a lot of things that you are suddenly responsible for. It's kinds of like raising a kid but dropped drown a couple notches. I still have to train him, my dog, to pee and poo at the right places. Teach him to not bite people as he would his toys. Make him stop barking at 3am in the morning. Making sure he gets enough play but also making sure that he is obedient. Then there is the food and the cleaning and all of this goes under a lot of responsibilities. Of course, this is nothing like having a kid or what not but it is a lot of handles as a teenager.

Regardless of what you are held responsible for, you should hold that responsibility with pride. The potted plant you were supposed to let grow in the first grade or your first artwork in Kindergarten should all be memories that you keep in your pocket or in your brain to remind you of how far you've come. Your first recital and the second, the thirds, heck even the fiftieth should be held in high esteem because it was your achievement that was only achievable because you took the responsibility of it.

I know how annoying I must sound - telling you that you are responsible for your own actions. I think that there will come a time when piles and piles of work are just dumped on your shoulders and maybe you'll say "Ugh. I never signed up for this." but you actually did. Little actions that led to one thing. We're all living the domino effect. 

... Bye!