Summer Is Here!

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So Summer for me is coming up in a day! Personally summer isn't my favorite time of the year. Even though summer is my longest break/holiday, it's not my absolute favorite season. Don't get me wrong I love summer but sometimes it gets overly hot and when you live in a place that is constantly and 24/7 hot all the time, Summer doesn't get as exciting anymore. It sucks because I love all four seasons yet I can't experience them all. I get why people are always excited for summer. You get to go to new places and have fun, meet new people, experience new experiences and chill before your next school year comes along but to be honest it just sucks when you start the new year because I think for most of us, the next summer break is actually what keeps us driving to finish the new school year and that's the cycle for about 12 years and that's a long couple of years. I've read books where characters go to a new place for the summer and magical things happen but lets face reality and think, we're probably not going to meet anybody extraordinary like the characters in books do. I know that some of us do but not the most of us and that's just the truth. You never really know how much you want something until you don't have it right? And that something might as well be summer. So enjoy your summer is all I'm trying to say. :) Have fun! Maybe create a blog about your summer experiences and share it with the world? I won't count on myself to do so though, I think I'll take a huge long two month break. Well, for the meanwhile... Bye!