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It hurts when you fail. You either learn things the hard way or the easy way and to be honest I don't really remember the last thing that I learned easily. The things that you learned the hard way tend to stick with you more than the stuff you learned easily. The feeling of failure and success are what we might think complete opposites. I tend to disagree. The cup is half full. (cheesy but it's the truth) With failure will hopefully come success. You can learn from your mistakes and even though it is the most annoying thing to hear, it's the complete truth. I am cringing even just typing this piece of cheesy and overrated advice right now but no matter how annoyed I get it's the complete and real truth. With every failure or dim light that I've had, normally comes a better outcome the next time something like that happens. Hearing that you have to see how your path of failure will lead to success is like hearing someone tell you "I told you (so)" and it's the most annoying and aggravating thing to hear but it only is irritating because it's the hateful truth. The truth that we try to avoid most of the time because it just is a pain to think that someone else is right when you strongly support your opinion but then again there is a difference between opinion and stupid opinions. Your opinion should matter the most to you. If someone is going to tell you that your drawing was horrid and you should just erase it all, which no one should ever say to anyone, then you shouldn't care what they think. I'm just saying that there will be someone out there that says that it is beautiful and keep up with it. If you have the determination, it can lead you to so many new and wonderful places. It sucks because even though tons and tons of people will say that you did an amazing job on whatever it is that you did, there will be one person that tells you it isn't good enough and that just hurts us. Take and artist for example. I singer, dancer, musician or painter in a large crowd your work will be appreciated as well as unappreciated. There will always be people that bring you down amongst the people that appreciate it and tell you you did well. It's a weird psychological thing I guess? The truth is if you were to take in all the negative things that were said about you, it would hurt so much that you might even stop believing in yourself and I realize that I sound like that one person that tells you that everything is going to be okay even though everything is obviously collapsing but I'm also the one that tells you that amongst all this collapse, there will always be a sprinkle of light and you will always have someone. I mean come on! There are what 7 billion people on this planet and if you believe that amongst all those people no one cares for you, it's just not the truth. What I dislike about myself is that I choose to care about people's opinions that shouldn't matter to me. I look back at the times that people have said mean things or untrue things about me and see how much it hurt me when in all honesty I shouldn't even have considered it for even a second but that is just how things are. No matter how many people tell you that some people are just not worth your time, you still care and you let it bring you down. Even after writing this whole blog post, that is pretty long, by the way, I will still let people's opinions matter to me even though they shouldn't. I realize that this is a whole lot of rambling of a simple piece of advice: Your opinion is the only opinion that should matter. Be your own judge and don't let other people bring you down because you don't need negative energy. Life is too short on mingling in the opinion's of others that don't and shouldn't matter. Of course, there is a handful of people that opinions should and would matter, for example, your parents but everyone else that isn't in that handful, let those words stick with them. It shouldn't get into your bubble. Even after reading this you might let those words swim into your bubble but maybe it will hurt less?  I realize that this post might be nothing that you haven't heard before but just a quick reminder. Stay Happy :)