Things That Are Inevitable

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1) Judgement
2) Self-consciousness
3) Confident
4) Selfishness

By NO means is this going to be a deep post about anything but more of what I think about those words, point 5 is an exception. I thought that it might be an interesting topic to kind of think about as well as talk about so here it goes...

1) Judgement. There is not a single person that I have met that hasn't judged anything before. Judgment can be both good and bad as people judge as a living and some people do it out of instinct. Wait cross that, all people do it out of instinct. It's only some people that say it out loud. If have social networking accounts , which means that you probably have Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, I'm pretty sure you've seen someone that comments on how bad that selfie they took is or calling them attention seekers and stuff like that. Honestly, if you have nothing nice to say, don't say it at all. There's a difference between criticizing and just being plain mean. There are people who say things that maybe they really shouldn't like "Wow, she's changed." and in a way it could be good and bad but it always depends on the tone doesn't it? You can just tell by the first couple of words people say to you, how they can keep things to themselves. I've met people who openly insult others as if its no big deal but it is and it's not nice to just keep assuming you're not hurting anybody. Just to be clear I'm not exactly mad at anyone to be raging about how people are overly judge ( I know that's not a word), this is just pure thoughts that came into my head. Just to give you the overall picture of what I just said, people can cross the line when it comes to honestly anything. You don't have to be a genius to know when someone is saying mean things but don't point fingers and judge people that you probably don't even know half the story of.

2) Self-Consciousness is an inevitable feeling, mainly teenage girls. When people call you fat, you probably aren't and the worst thing is that you say those words to yourself when you don't even deserve it. You don't need to be a certain somebody to worry about what other people think of. Life will be a whole lost easier if you didn't care, not even a tiny bit, of what people thought of you. That, of course, doesn't mean that you should run around being some kind of masochist, but it's true. If you didn't care about what someone thought of you, you wouldn't worry too much. Sometimes self-consciousness isn't always from people in the same age group. It could just as easily be your teachers or your parents. Just don't step over the line to the point where your brain is just all bad thoughts and memories because you don't deserve it.

3) Confidence is what we should feel because it makes us proud of ourselves. It's a difficult feeling to find and also hard to hold onto but enjoy while it's there because you never know when it decides to leave. You have full control over your emotions, but that doesn't mean that you have a mental gate to let feelings in and let feelings out. As weird as it might be but you can't just tell yourself to be happy and then it automatically works right? We should all feel confident about something, whether it's a sport, talent or skill because we're all made to do something in life. Made to do something that is good, aren't we? The most important thing to remember though is to not step over the line of confidence and go into over-confidence mode because it's not a good thing to feel. Everything in moderation.

4) Selfishness is just a small pigment that makes the part of us at first, but we all change and the selfishness either becomes more visible or less visible. For the most of us, I'm sure we aren't that selfish but that doesn't mean that everyone is like that because there are people who are overly selfish and greedy. Everyone has their reasons for being selfish and honestly selfishness is probably what makes you happy but that doesn't mean it's right. Just like there is a difference between want and need, selfishness and greediness also have a difference so just keep that in mind.

I'm sure there the inevitable of the inevitable (if that makes any sense) and there's probably more things that are on the list of things that are inevitable but these are just some. Not so sure about Part 2 but here's just some of my thoughts. Bye! (BTW sorry for the pretty long blog post :)