Day 30 (Also The Last Day!!!) of the Blogging Challenge

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Ok before I go any further I just wanted to say this, I wrote this post yesterday but forgot to press publish which practically means that I was going for a consecutive day finish, but that didn't happen. So all in all I actually did do a post just didn't publish it at the right time if that makes any sense... But I am really happy to be ending this challenge because it is way too long overdue. So here's the post I was planning on publishing yesterday but didn't. (You get the idea right?)

I get that the last day of the blogging challenge is a big thing so I want to end it well. I'm stuck in this cycle of would you rather questions are too simple and it isn't exactly the kind of finish I want. The writing prompts I found online aren't good enough either... So I have to make up something of my own which I have done before but they weren't all that important either. This is infuriating. I can't get my mind to pick what I want to write about. Honestly though, it's either too hard for me to think of one or too hard for me to pick I what I want to do because I have so many ideas. Anyways though I finally came up with something...

Things Humans Should Do More
I realize that many of you would be like so this is what you decided to write about on the last day of the challenge, great (sarcasm intended) but I don't need your judgement which leads me to this.

1) Accept people as they are and don't judge them at first sight. It's not nice to automatically think that she's mean or ugly when you probably haven't even said hi to them yet. I realize that this happens a lot on the first days of school since there's new people coming into the school. I realize that judging people might be an instinct for some of us but if you have nothing nice to say about them, don't say anything at all unless you are 100% sure that what you're saying is right. Just saying, and I know this is probably pretty cheesy but, don't judge someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

2) Be more friendly to the people that just walk by and things like that. I'm guilty of not always saying hi to the person I just so happen to be in the same lift with. If you don't say hi, there's this long awkward silence until you get out of the lift and it's just a weird experience. On the other hand, if you do say hi they probably will say hi and you can start a small conversation. I know, I know, STRANGER DANGER but how can a simple hi be dangerous? I realize that it takes guts and courage to talk to random people and if you don't want to, I'm not going to force you to but it's nice to make a new friend or an acquaintance, right?

3) This goes to teenagers as I realize that this happens to teens more than to any other age group but stop talking behind other people's back. You think that it's ok to talk badly about your friend to someone, but it could possibly hurt them real time and it's just not nice. Also stop spreading untrue rumors about someone just so that you get... wait, what is the satisfaction of being mean to someone anyway? So don't be mean in front of people or behind their backs. If you don't want to be friends with someone anymore, just say nicely and politely "Hey. Sorry, I don't think this friendship is working out so..." and you can continue on from there. 

4) I'm going to end this list early with a pretty big bang. Care, Learn and Love nature more. Care about the trees that are your oxygen source. You wasting food, energy and water is just ruining the environment so if you Learn about nature more, you can learn about how to help the environment but still live comfortably as you wish. And lastly a little love doesn't hurt so just love nature because you never know when it's going to vanish. (Probably not in the near or far future -- hopefully-- because nature and the environment are just too amazing)

Ok. So here are just four things that humans need to do more. I realize that this might not be the same things that you think humans should do more of, but this means we can all share our opinions, right? x) Bye!


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I love that you are still using this space. Sorry I abandon you for a while. I am back, please keep writing. ;)