Day 28 of the Blogging Challenge

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Hey! I haven't blogged in about a week now even though I only have two more days to finish with the challenge! I'm just going to hope that I'll finish this challenge sometime in a week. Hopefully. 

Would You Rather Have Free Supply of Starbucks or iTunes Music forever?
Hard question because I love them both. To be honest I'd choose iTunes Music because I love music and iTunes always has all the music you'll ever want to listen to. Starbucks on the other hand is a nice cup of anything that you'd ever think of. To me, music beats a lot things, even Starbucks, so I guess a free supply of iTunes forever would be a dream for me. Sometimes I'll get music on iTunes that I really like then but then after a while I get tired of listening to the song and then the song just doesn't get played for another month which is actually kind of sad. Either way I still love iTunes and use it all the time so a free supply of iTunes music forever would overrule Starbucks.