Day 27 of the Blogging Challenge

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I honestly do realize that I haven't blogged in about four days but what can you do? Anyways here is Day 27!

Write about something you have read.
Well, I just recently finished Mice by Gordon Reece about a week ago. It's a fiction packed full of thriller and is definitely a page turner. I enjoyed the book a lot and I though that this was going to be a one of my favorite books until I read the ending. I won't give you any spoilers but it was unexpected and, in my eyes, not something this character would do or any human should do in a situation that this book/plot was putting her under. 

So I guess I'll give a short summary of what happens without too much spoiler (hopefully). 
It starts of with Shelly and her mother living in a matrimonial home. Her parents are divorced and she is constantly bullied at school. When I say bully I don't just mean teasing and calling names but more of a gruesome kind of bullying. This is just the beginning. Shelly refers to herself and her mother as mice, people that are too shy to stand up for themselves and speak up. She believes that she lives in the shadows and will possibly do anything anyone asks of her. Mice, however, deals with the deep secrets of Shelley and her mother. Will it possibly haunt them? 

I know, not the best review but I gave it shot, right?