Day 25 of the Blogging Challenge

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Hmmm. Would you look at that. A week has past without any posts. Sorry! When people tell you that you need 21 or 22 days to pick up a habit, the probably mean 21 or 22 consecutive days, something I wasn't able to do with this challenge. I realized that this challenge has probably brought almost no meaning to this blog other than another 30 posts that come out hopefully daily. Emphasis on hopefully. I knew before going into this challenge that it really is a challenge and to blog everyday won't be easy with other things that I have to do. I don't want blogging to be a chore but more a hobby. This challenge had sometimes actually stopped me from blogging but it shouldn't have since I'm the owner of this blog, I could stop this challenge whenever I wanted to but I would always feel that I hadn't accomplished this challenge fully. Even if I started to blog more regularly without finishing this challenge, there would always bet that couple of days left that could've been part of a challenge I hadn't finished. Anyways I guess today's topic might be a lot more interesting to read than the other ones because you might be able to connect to it more easily. 

Thoughts on Social Networking
I see social networking as both an amazing thing and a bad thing. Lets start from the bad to the good. So the bad points:

  • You procrastinate SO much more easily (I am a victim)
  • Your privacy isn't exactly secure
  • You tend to spend TOO much time without realizing
  • It's not exactly necessary to be on it 24/7 
  • It's annoying when you are hanging out with other people while you are checking notifications on Facebook when you have the real human next to you
I feel that social networking has been the reason why computers and the internet have grown to be so successful. Let's face it, social networking is something most of us can't live without. At least not now. When I think of social networks/networking a few words come to mind. Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr and even possibly Blogger but there are way more. Instagram and Snapchat have over ruled the app store constantly. Though I only have two out of 6 of the ones I have listed I still have a social network life. I don't think that I'm obsessed with it. I can quit from that page easily but I know people who find that harder to do. I have friends that always keep Facebook and Twitter on a tab. They keep changing between tabs to check what their online friends are up to. Exactly online. This leads me to the good things about social networking.

  • You can connect to your friends that are overseas
  • You can see what they're up to
  • When you meet them in person, you'll know what they've been up to which might be quite helpful
  • It introduces you to more people 
Social networking has its ups as well. I appreciate that social networking was intended to connect people and bring new people together. This world is humongous to keep sending letter to everyone. So when IM came along, of course our lives became more convenient. As each of these social networking sites have become more successful, they have also upgraded and updated their sites to be more user friendly. With social networking you can see what your friends and relatives are up to. It keeps you connected to them even though you might be in a different continent. The world isn't so small when you think about it. Social networking just made a 13 hour flight to meet your relatives a quick check on Facebook. So social networking has helped this generation tremendously. 

Well, hope you enjoyed this post. Bye!