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I'm sure that all of us has a favorite movie, book and/or TV show. It's not surprising, but do you ever wonder why? Why is a book about Divergence your favorite book? Why is a movie about relationships your favorite movie? Sometimes it's easier not to think of them, right? All books have themes. Themes are the core of where the words of a book start to bloom. So, when you look at your bookshelf and see the neatly organized books from left to right, you'll start seeing that each of those books have a theme. Most likely your favorite books will have similar, if not the same, themes. 

The stories that we love are possibly going to have a pattern. Whether it's because the books are about relationships, growing up, dystopian futures or superpowers each of these books probably have the same theme. Take for example this bunch of books. Divergent, Hunger Games and The Giver. They are some of favorites. They're all about a dystopian future, a time where I haven't lived yet and have yet to discover. These are books about a character's life that I've never had. Depending on what age you are at, people will probably like specific types of books. As a child you might like to read books about characters that you think exist but probably don't. As a teenager you might like books about love and friendship. Honestly just things that you might experience growing up. We might not be like Tris or Katniss but that doesn't mean that we won't experience what they're going through : friendships, love, growing and self discovery. It's all things having to do with teenage years. 

You can also learn a lot from books. You can learn about what it is like to be in another person's shoes. With non-fiction you can learn so much from them while still enjoying the time to read and learn at the same time. With fiction you can have the excitement of having the power to do things that you probably won't or can't do in real life. Characters in the books are like the getaway for you. Your ticket to whatever I want to happen land. You can react the same way as characters do and feel the same emotions because that's how much you are connected to them. If you go back a couple hundred years, I don't think children, teenagers or even adults would enjoy the same things we're reading now. This generation is so much about a totally different world and going into characters that don't exist in real life. That's how we enjoy reading in this generation but what about the generation before us and the one before that? It tells us what kind of people we have grown to become and what writers are capable of. 

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"Themes are the core of where the words of a book start to bloom. "
Amazing. I really love that you use metaphors.
Way to go!