Day 24 of the Blogging Challenge

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Yes! A consecutive day to the blogging challenge. I was kind of excited for this blog post as well because the question is kind of fun to answer.

Which Type of Character Would You Like To Be?
Just so that we are clear the choices are:

I feel like the majority of you might choose to be either a werewolf or a vampire because of all of the TV shows and movies coming out about them. To be honest, you need to think legitimately for the most part when you answer this question. Vampires in real life probably won't turn out to be like Edward from Twilight. Werewolves probably won't be like Jacob from, again, Twilight. All wizards aren't like Harry Potter. Witches aren't like The Wicked Witch of the West. Honestly I don't really know about ninja's but its probably not as fancy as you might think. I'm pretty sure there is spying involved with sharp weapons attached to you at all times. To me, being a human seems like the best choice out of blood sucking people, wolf turning people, magical beings (this includes both witches and wizards) and James Bond like people (but I imagine that ninjas are somewhat more ancient). I'm sure life for them isn't all that easy. It's probably hard to keep your identity from humans that are just curious about everything. I don't blame us, people that are different are curious to us. No doubt about it.

To honestly answer that question I would probably choose to be a wizard. A part of me wants to say it's because of Harry Potter but a bigger part of me just wants to be a wizard because you have magic installed in you. Possibly there is a spell to let you turn into whatever you want to be? The power of magic is that you can probably redo anything you want to do. Spells to rewind time, fast forward time, stop time and so on. Time isn't probably the only wizards can control but time is a big part of it I imagine. It's like my first wish if I ever met a genie would be to have either more genies or more wishes. 

Anyways, that was a fun post. :) Bye!