Day 21 of the Blogging Challenge

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I realize that I'm starting to slack off more than I used to and possibly it's because I'm a little tired of this challenge but I'm determined to finish it. I don't know what I necessarily wanted to talk about but I came up with this.

Things I've Started To Do This Year
1) I've started to read books that I normally don't read. I've started to read books from different genres and so on. I'm used to reading historical fiction and novels that maybe it is time to move to different genres such as science fiction, fantasy and non-fiction as many have recommended me. So far I like it but it does take time to switch to a different genre. I enjoy having a new genre to read every week. :)

2) I've started to say hi more often to people I barely know. Sometimes I might be on a lift and it's awkward to have that silent moment, at least for me it is. When I gain up the nerve to say hi, I will and it's nice when they say hi back. Sure, don't talk to strangers but a friendly hi doesn't hurt, right?

It's actually really hard to come up with things. 

3) I've been going to the cinemas more often. Normally I don't have the time to go to the cinema's to watch a movie or there aren't any movies that I want to watch but this year has been different and there are more movies I want to watch. -- I'd like to recommend The Book Thief for people looking for a movie to watch

4) I was introduced to more artists recently so I've been listening to different kinds of music. Depending on my mood, I always have a song that I can listen to and sometimes it's nice to listen to different kinds of music and not limit yourself to your favorite artist.

5) I'll leave this one to be a mystery... Take a guess!