Day 19 of the Blogging Challenge

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Here's another would you rather question today...

Would your rather have a perfect sense of direction or time?
This is not an easy question at all. There are both a really important part of our lives. Imagine having no right sense of what direction you needed to go to. You would always get lost and never be able to go to anywhere without some sort of help. On the other hand without the sense of time you wouldn't know how long it would take to do a certain thing or know what time you should go where. Sure you'll know that it's time to sleep at some point but only when your brain tells you to. What I'm really confused is, if there is always a clock for you, wouldn't be able to have a sense of the right time not really matter. The clock is there to tell you the time, you don't need to sense it. In that case then I would rather have a perfect sense of direction because I could always look to my watch if I ever needed to know the time. Though if that's not the case, I still haven't decided. Lets just hope it doesn't ever happen. 

Which would you rather have?