Day 17 of the Blogging Challenge

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Oops. I didn't do them yesterday and the day before! Here's today's post though to make up for it. 

Would You Rather Be Stuck In An Elevator Or A Ski Lift?
I really had to think about this one. I'm not really afraid of being stuck in an elevator because I'm not afraid of them. Being stuck in an elevator would be really boring. It's an enclosed area where your oxygen is quite limited and theres nothing to look at. You don't have any service so the only help you get is from the bell button on the lift. On the other hand a ski lift can be quite fun. You have probably an amazing scenery around you but the problem is I'm not a fan of the cold. I don't like getting cold and I don't like being cold. A place where you can ski is probably cold. If I had the right clothes I'd probably choose to be on a ski lift. Overall the experience on a ski lift is probably more breathtaking than on an elevator.