Day 14 of the Blogging Challenge

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I decided to take a turn. Rather than just things about me and my blog and everything else, I'm going to answer an would you rather question. It seems really interesting and really gets you thinking.

Would You Rather Travel to the Future or to the Past?
Honestly just the fact that I could travel to a different year is pretty amazing. I would like to go back to the past and possibly even before I was born. I like to look through moment of the past and I always wish I could've been there. I wish I could re live my first birthday and see how the world was back then. I would probably meet war and I'd like to search a little bit there. There are still so many mysteries to this huge part of history that I'd like to know more about and it doesn't help to put an image or memory to the words in the textbook.

A part of me wants to go the future to see what kind of life I'll be living. Jobs, family, environment and the whole situation. I'd really like to see this stereo typical future that most people have that it'll be full of flying cars and robots or the very opposite of that and maybe see more greenery and people living closer to nature. Why I don't really want to go to the future is because in a way it's destroying the mystery of your life. I wouldn't want to know the answers to all of the magic tricks because then what would I be left to be surprised about? I just want to see my life unfold before me as it is and not use a 'cheat sheet'.

What would you rather travel to?


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Personally, I'd rather travel to the future than the past. I can look at how I turned out, my family, my job, my life in general. I think that the past is past but the future is worth looking out for, but I also want to let my future just roll out in front of me as I go along, so I'd not want to travel to the past or future. But if I HAD to choose, I would choose the future.

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I think that I will spend my time, learning to live in the present and learning to enjoy the now! I know, I know. I have to choose?

I would pick the past- pre-industrial revolution when we live at one with nature. Or maybe a post-industrial world where we have nearly killed everything on the planet and we are forced back to living in small tribes living off of the land.