Day 13 of the Blogging Challenge

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I am done with Favorites week which went by pretty quickly. I have 17 days left of this challenge! So for the thirteenth day of the blogging challenge...

Would You Rather Be Rich Or Healthy?
Ok so enough said, I would rather be healthy than rich. Sure, being rich you give you more opportunities, better experiences, a decent/great education, a nice house, a steady life and so on but it also has its down sides. Not everyone that is rich is happy. I think in this society, it is more important that we are more happier than rich. I know that there are people going to say that money is very important but I can have money and still not be rich. I could be an average person but healthy. A healthy person could be happier, not worry so much about how they look, don't get sick easily, have a good diet that keeps you full, your body won't just collapse on you after going up a few steps and you probably have a better chance at living a longer life. Not saying that being rich doesn't give you the happiness that you need but being healthy, in my opinion, could give you that same exact happiness without spending thousands. 

Comment on what you would rather. Bye!