Day 12 of the Blogging Challenge

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I have forgotten to update on the blogging challenge yesterday so I'm making up for it today. Since it is the last day of the Favorite week, I'll end with movies. When I mean movies I mean of all genres and types. Animation, drama, comedy, action etc... I don't have a specific type of movie I like. It all always depends on my mood. I don't think I can put them in order so below are just movies that came up to my mind at first. Just as a warning there might be spoilers in here if you haven't watched some of them yet.

- Rise of the Guardians
Sadly I actually just watched Rise of the Guardians this year even though it came out last year... I can't believe that I didn't watch this movie earlier because I absolutely love it though at first when the voice of Jack Frost came on I was a bit confused and surprised. At first I thought "Jack Frost has a really really low voice." and it sounded a little awkward coming out of Jack Frost's mouth but I guess that's what the directors fit so I don't have a say anything anyway. Overall I love the storyline of it. I like how they bring out things that we used to believe in when we were 6 give or take. It's nice how there is another world where there are 'guardians' that make children happy. 

- Frozen
It was going to come at some point. Frozen is huge where I am and every time someone says Let It Go, you guessed it, everyone starts singing. Obviously my favorite character is Olaf because Olaf is Olaf and he loves summer even though he's a snowman. It's funny, has an adventurous plot and I like how it technically is an animated musical. If you don't know already, Frozen was created by the creators of Tangled so that's why a lot of the characters look similar to Tangled characters. Also you can see Rapunzel and Eugene in the movie. Spot it!

- The Book Thief
I have mentioned watching the movie I think at one point in my blog. If not then I've watched the movie! The book was breath taking. I've mentioned the book on a blog post, that I'm sure, and I've explained about why I like it so much. Here are just some things about the movie itself. First of all it was a great movie for an amazing book. Not many movies can do that. To be honest the directors and the producers of the movie have a lot of pressure seeing that a lot of people are expecting a lot from the movie. Any movie with child actors is hard but then you make them act like they are in the World War II is even harder. I still really liked the movie but the could've separated the movie into two parts so that They could focus on smaller but still important details. Just my perspective but it was an amazing and of course I cried.

- Catching Fire
The reason I didn't put the movie series is one, the series of the movies aren't finished and secondly I didn't like the first one as much as I liked the second one. The first one was a nice introduction to the characters, what's happened with history and the relationships Katniss has. Then there was Catching Fire. You could connect more to the characters after waiting for a year and also wanting to see which team would win. Team Peeta or Team Gale? The point is the second movie has more deep connections to Rue, from the Hunger Games, and it's the starting of the rebellion against the Capitol which was also quite exciting. I can't wait for Mocking Jay Part 1.

- My Neighbor Totoro
A movie I will never get tired of watching. I watched it when I was little and I loved the cat bus. At first the cat did scare me but now it's harmless. If you haven't watched My Neighbor Totoro you really should and watch it. The review for this movie was quite short but you I didn't want to spoil this at all because it is probably my favorite animated movie and you really need to watch it to understand anything. Honestly any movie by Studio Ghibli or Hayao Miyazaki is good so watch them.

Anyways I hoped this list helps when you are bored then you can look for these movies on iTunes or wherever. They are really worth watching and are really good. I realized that most of them are animated but it's because animated movies are good. These movies are good for all ages except for maybe The Book Thief and Catching Fire depending on whether or not you have read the book and you actually want to see the words come to life. Those were my top five. I'm sure that this list will change in a couple of months but for now it is my favorite. See you on my next post!