Day 22 of the Blogging Challenge

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I have another 8 days more to complete the Blogging Challenge! The bad sides to almost ending is that you run out of prompts... I looked up some writing prompts so here goes today's.

Do You Believe In Fate or Do You Believe That You Lead Your Own Destiny?
I guess it really depends. If you keep thinking that fate has it all ready for you and so you just decide to sit around and do nothing could still be fate leading your life. For big decisions I tend to think that it's a little of both. Even though sometimes I think that I'm leading my own life and my own destiny, I can't help but think that maybe fate made me think this way as if I'm the puppet and I'm being controlled by fate. The thing is, I won't ever meet my puppeteer and that leaves a huge question mark over my head. It's and everlasting topic to think about and it does interest me but for now I choose to go along with life and try my best. I don't think that there will ever be a concrete answer to this as everyone thinks differently but it doesn't hurt to think that it's both.