Days 4 & 5

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Again, I am sorry. I did warn you though, I said that this would happen again. Today I'll be doing todays and yesterdays blogging challenge. 

Day 4 Can People Change?
On a serious note do people change? Of course they do. The real question though is how do they change? Is it for better or for worse? Most of the time I see my friends change after I haven't seen them in a year. I'll go on Skype and talk to them and I feel like they are a completely different person. Inside I feel a little eerie. They don't seem to have any resemblance of my friend I knew a couple years ago. On the other hand though, I have friends who have changed but I only notice it rarely. I have friend that I've known for five years and she's always been the same funky, relaxed, cool and care-free of the world. Sure she has her times when she is a little down, sad, not as funky but she always gets up again. Sometimes you can't trust the change until you've seen them in person. Maybe the Skype call was just them acting, right? Who knows. So yes,  to answer that question. People do and can change. It's your decision, though, to decide whether it was for the better or for worse. Comment your thoughts on people changing and maybe some experiences you have had. 

Day 5 What Are You Grateful For?
Sometimes we go through life just doing what we have to do. Whether it's work, homework activities or just doing the things any human has to do, we never really have the time to think through of our day. When do you ever reflect on the day or your work without being handed a sheet that says "Reflection on ... Work" I know for a fact that I probably don't do so much. Our brains are not really used to working so long but they probably aren't used to having much free time either then right? So the real question is, when was the last time you were grateful for something. Sure we have had our fair shares of thank-you's today but when have you really thought about it. Probably some of you have given thanks and have been reflecting on the grateful things that you have had that day but for me, I don't really think back much on the day. So here's what I'm grateful for. I'm grateful that I have a good education, great friends, an amazing family, I have everything I need and somethings that I want. That's the generalization. Those are the things most of you are probably grateful for. For sure it definitely differs on what kind of person you are and the people and things around are like. Feel free to comment on what you are grateful for and things like that. 

Thanks for reading! Bye!