Days 2 & 3 of Blogging Challenge

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Well, would you look at that. It's only the third day since I've started this challenge and I'm already behind! I'm really sorry though. Just a heads up, this probably will happen more than once. It really is likely that I will forget some days but I will make up for it so don't worry. Ok so lets start with day 2, 20 facts about me.

20 Facts About Me
1) My favorite game right now is Little Galaxy
2) My favorite game before that was Flappy Bird (you all know you have liked that game at least once)
3) Favorite Color = BLUE! and GREEN!
4) I love any font that is cursive but I suck at writing in cursive so that works out!
5) This is my eleventh blog post. YAY!
6) My favorite book right now is The Book Thief
7) I do Taekwondo (hai ya!)
8) I am OVER THE MOON excited for the Winter Olympics and can't wait to see more
9) My favorite sport to watch in the Winter Olympics is figure skating
10) My favorite sport in general is badminton
11) I just watched the movie for The Book Thief  =D
12) I like the old iPhone earphones rather than the new ones...
13) My laptop is  this blank space with a keyboard on it. Not creative at all xP
14) It's impossible to have only one food that you like or love because I love everything! Well almost everything...
15) Oh, we're five more facts before the end. (sorry got lazy)
16) I laugh at like literally almost ANYTHING and sometimes at the worst times...
17) I find ridiculously bad jokes funny
18) I'm very specific with what kind of chocolate I like. I like all chocolates except for white chocolates. (I'm not really THAT specific. I just don't like white chocolate) xD
19) I freak out over really yummy things. That's how you know I like something A LOT.
20) I'll start writing this story but then like a paragraph through and I'll kind of just leave it aside and not really bother with it for a long long time. I am writing a story right now and I do hope to finish and not leave it aside like everything else and I might blog it so stay tuned!

Ok so thats 20 facts done. Well technically that was 19 but I just got lazy on some of them. So the next challenge is... My Favorite Quote.

My Favorite Quote
"Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time" - Thomas A. Edison

Most of you might have already heard this quote already. I especially like this quote because for this challenge because it does relate to this blog, or any blog for that matter. In my post Confusing??? I talked about my fears of blogging and how it really feels like to be behind a screen typing in a part of what I think. A lot of the time I get really stuck and just because I've written that post doesn't mean that all my fears have gone. I still have times where I'll start writing but I never finish and don't end up posting them. In that way I have given up. I've given up on the post and if I keep doing so then this whole blog would have been given up on. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time and that's what I do every time with I got to my edit page. This quote not only relates to blogging but it can relate to almost everything. I can relate to a problem you are facing or a challenge you do really want to face. Life is full of ups and downs and the only way to succeed is getting up on both feet again and keep trying. You can keep falling but just get a band aid and start walking.

Thanks for reading. Please comment on how you felt about this blog post or what you think about it.


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Sometimes it helps to have a few stories going at once, so if you get tired or bored of one you can jump around. Remember that stories are more interesting to read and write when based on themes and larger ideas. Let me know how i can help.

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I really like this post since I got to know you better! (although we've known each other for five years) I also love that you are writing your true thoughts that others and I could relate.