Day 8 of the Blogging Challenge

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Today the topic is I will never get used to...
I'm basically going to talk about what I would never get used to. I don't really know exactly but I'll give it a shot.

I Will Never Get Used To...
Something that I will never get used to is durian. Durian, for those of you that don't know, is a fruit. Durian is actually the King of Fruits. Don't believe me? Go on search it up. Anyways it's a mini version of jackfruit from the outside but inside is something very different. Below is a picture of an open durian.

Taken by YIM Hafiz

It's a weird fruit. The thing with this fruit is that you either absolutely love it or you really dislike it as if it was the worst thing ever. I honestly believe that durian to me will always be a fruit I'll never get used to the taste of. Apparently the older you get the more open you are to the taste of durian but I'm just not getting there. Each year I'll try a little and I never like it.

Here's a funny story. I don't like durians but when I was about 6 or 7, I had a fever and got quite sick. I didn't like the medicine I was taking and since it was a powdery medicine my mum decided to mix it with some ice cream so that I would eat it. Best times of the my year right? Wrong. Having ice cream everyday for about a week is pretty amazing and a luxury. Most people love ice cream. Here's the catch. A few days before I got sick, my mum's friend gave her a carton of durian ice cream. By the time I didn't want the medicine that was the only ice cream in the fridge. I ended up eating the whole carton of durian ice cream thinking it was just vanilla. When did I find out about this incident? When I was 10. I don't understand how my taste buds just couldn't get the hint that it wasn't vanilla. Vanilla tastes better but no. Younger me just kept eating. This is one of the reasons why I'm not the biggest fan of vanilla ice cream right now because I keep thinking that this incident might happen again which probably won't but you know, can't be too sure!

Durian has a weird sort of texture. It's a quite creamy and soft. There's a couple of seeds I think. There's different types of durian based on where it was grown and how large it is. The taste and texture changes and so does the price. If you're thinking of a challenge you want to do with you or with your friends, durians a good one. If you don't feel like it, no ones pushing you. If you have had durian before tell me how you think of it!

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Agreed. Yuck.

Keep up the great work. I might not comment, but I am reading every post.