Day 7 of the Blogging Challenge

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Yes! It's the second time in a row that I'm actually doing the blogging challenge one by one. To be honest, this week hasn't really been that busy. I'm honestly finding myself bored which is unusual because last week I never had the time to stop and relax. It was just a week of thinking. So this week I am lucky to be able to write on my blog everyday. This has kind of been fun. I take writing prompts from everywhere and I like to pick and choose what topic I want to talk about. I know the blogging challenge is for me to pick up the habit of writing on my blog but it's also about letting the readers get to know a little more about the person behind the screen and those words. So here's the seventh topic.

A Photo of an Animals You Would Like to Keep as a Pet and Why

Below are some pictures of a panda.
 Taken by George Lu
Taken by George Lu

I know that there are people reading this post thinking the same thing. I love pandas. Of course lots or maybe even all people like pandas. After all it is the logo of the organization WWF and the national animal of China but here's why I would like to keep it as a pet. First of all lets not forget the cuteness of this little animal large animal. When it's just born, it's 100 grams in weight. Well at least most of them are and as they get older you won't believe how heavy and big they can get. Males tend to be a lot more heavier measuring to about 110 to 115 kg when they are an adult. Females tend to be a little lighter and have a wider range of weight. They can weigh around 75 to 125 kg. Pretty impressive if you ask me. The third reason is they basically live on bamboos. What a saver. You don't have to get it lots and lots of stuff. All you need is a huge playground for it to live and play in, have tons of bamboos and trees around your house. I mean after all it probably only costs a penny. OK, I think you get that I'm being overly sarcastic. Pandas probably are one of the hardest animals to care for. They are wild animals. Though they might seem cute and playful when you see them at the zoo, you probably don't want to be responsible for it's life. Most importantly you wouldn't want to take them out of their own habitat either. I wouldn't want to be the one to take a wild animal away from their homes. Pandas are the most adorable animals to me and would probably make a great cushion and company too.

So that's an animal I would like to keep as a pet. Comment on what your favorite animal is and whether or not you would like to keep it as a pet! Thanks for reading. Bye!

P.S Next week for my blogging challenge, I'm actually going to start a favorite week. It'll be a week for me to talk about my favorite things. Whether it's movies, songs, food. Anything. Feel free to leave suggestions!