Day 6 of Blogging Challenge

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This is the most surprising thing! I actually remembered to do this. This is actually my first post of the blogging challenge where I haven't done two days in one post. Does that make sense? It does, right? Anyways so todays topic is... What I'm Afraid of. So here goes noting!

What I'm Afraid Of
I'm afraid of a lot of things. My biggest fear... falling. I know it seems a little weird. Here's the thing. I don't mind being really high up on a building or something like that looking down but what gets me is when I have this image of falling. I don't really know why. Technically wherever you are, you have the chance of tripping and falling but it's different from when you're high up. For example when you're rock climbing you have a harness that holds you so that you know you're secure but once you slip just a bit or maybe don't get a grip of the rocks, what are you going to do then? That's when the word falling comes to mind. So here is stating the obvious. I don't like roller coasters. Ya, no kidding. Actually though, that's partially not true. Another really weird thing with this fear is that I've been on roller coasters before and a couple of times I've loved the ride. That's weird right. Here's why. In Universal Studios there's a ride called Revenge of the Mummy. It's a ride that is basically located in this building. During the ride, you barely see anything. It's pitch black and dark. In the beginning you are surrounded by mummies and fire blowing out of places. Then you hit this wall. Spiders come out. Before you know the roller coaster has pushed you back and forward again only this time to another track. You go in little rounds and ups and downs then you go up and up and up. You come close to this giant mouth. It takes you in and before you know it. Down down down. Isn't that fun?! Why I'm not exactly the most frightened by it? I can't exactly see how big the fall is. I can't see where I'm going to possibly have my heart come out of me. Do you know what I mean? Here's the complete opposite roller coaster. Well not really but anyway it's called Human and you basically can see all the falls, loops and the up side down parts. Here I can see when I'm going to fall and exactly how big the fall is. That's my fear. So I can stand in the Tokyo SkyTree and look down from one of the glass panels on the floor and not be scared. It's the most weirdest thing but it's the truth. I don't know. Technically on the SkyTree I can see exactly how big my fall is but it doesn't make it a fact that I'm going to fall whereas the roller coaster Human, I know exactly when my fall is and I know I can't avoid it.

So that's my weird fear. Very complicated and now you probably think I'm crazy. I'm not. Just have a weird fear. That's what I'm afraid of. Comment and tell me what you're afraid of and what you thought about this post. Maybe your experiences with roller coasters? Thanks and bye!