Day 11 of the Blogging Challenge

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I'm thinking of what favorite topic I want to talk about and I wanted to do something animal related. I did a blogging challenge on what kind of pet you wanted, which was a panda, and I felt like some more animals should be introduced and everyone loves at least one type/kind of animal so I just decided to do this day on favorite animals.

1) So I don't think I really need to say this but a couple posts back I put in pandas as an animal I would like to have as a pet so I guess that it's needless to say that pandas are also my favorite animal.

2) My second favorite would have to be the white tiger. There are different from the normal orange and black colored tigers. Both are endangered and beautiful and deserved to be treated better by humans. I did some research on poaching a couple years back and the drop of wild animals from being in a pretty good condition to being endangered has been surprising. I can't tell you how shocked I was in disbelief. Anyways so I like the white tiger because it has fur like soft white snow and black stripes that are never identical. I'd like to think that each line has a meaning to it's life... Is it weird? You tell me.

3) It takes a long time for me to think about my favorite animals but my third favorite would have to be the crane or the red-crowned crane. There is a story to it which kind of relates and kind of doesn't but I'll tell you anyway. When was really little, maybe around 3 or 5, I started learning origami and the first thing I remembered learning was a paper crane. Today I still love making the paper crane. There are actually a couple different ways to make it, I have discovered, and each makes it have a different body or wing. If you don't know how to make them yet, you should learn how to. After reading this post, go learn how to make a paper crane! They're really easy.

4) My love for this animal has actually brought many sad and happy things into my life. It's a turtle. I don't exactly have a specific species that I like but I like turtles for a couple of reasons. The second pet I ever had was a terrapin. A terrapin is a pet version of a mini turtle. Anyways I had three of those, two that I got myself and one my friend gave me. They're names were Tiger, Claire and Coca. Sadly they all died a couple years ago on August. I was really sad because they were so cute and fun to watch. They were always in my room and they kept making noises at night which I just got so used to that seeing an empty tank didn't make sense to me. Then about a year ago I learnt more about sea turtles. How they are impacted right now by humans and the things we are doing to them making them more endangered. There are some species that are extinct or no longer existing. I don't want to see the world twenty years from now without any turtles.

5) Elephants are somewhere in my favorite animal zone. I didn't know where so I put it here. I like elephants because they are humongous to start of with, their noses are like vacuums, they are actually really gentle, friendly and extremely smart. I know that a lot of the time when you travel around South East Asia that you will see a couple of elephant shows here and there. In some countries elephants are actually sacred so if you see elephant shows in those countries, I'm pretty sure the aren't harming them but there are some places that do harm them so I guess it really depends on researching before you go anywhere. Elephants are cute, extraordinary(emphasis on the extra) and gentle. Don't be afraid of them because they won't stomp on you no matter what your nightmares tell you.

6) Manta Rays are one of my favorite animals and there is also another background story to this. After getting my diving license, the first trip I ever went on was a little of an island and kind of in the middle of two islands. There was this huge, above and beyond huge rock that sat in the see. What was underneath was yet to be uncovered. The boat stopped about 20 meters away from the rock and I could see what was beneath me. It was clear blue green water and the bottom from where I was looking was only about 10 to 15 meters deep. In the water were a lot of fish and corals. I was told that there was going to be tons of manta rays in there but I hadn't seen any at that time. I saw glimpses of something wide and black swimming in the water but I thought they were just what I wanted to see. When I did get under though, I saw 2-3 meters wind and 5-6 meters long manta rays swimming beside, above and below me. There were tons of them everywhere! It was one of the best moments I have ever had. When I am asked about my favorite time spent with nature, I often say this moment because it meant a lot to me.

7) Wolves or huskies are on number seven. I couldn't decide which one I liked more. I like wolves because of they're fur that is white as snow and reminds me of winter but so do huskies. So many of the movies I've seen with wolves in it are always depicting the bad sides of wolves but they aren't always bad. They can stand up for their pact just like humans and have their free will to do whatever they want, like humans. I don't think we should only show their nasty sides because there are two sides to everything. Huskies on the other hand are always seen as pets to me. I'll see people walking around with pet huskies around. Though I know that huskies also have many purposes so they would make nice companions but I don't really know. Tell me which one you like better. Wolves or huskies? Then maybe I can decide.

8) Horses are a bit lower than the rest but I don't really know why. It popped into my head just now so that's why I'm typing it down. I have had horse riding lessons before and have always loves how elegant they always look. In historical movies, the rich or the person with more abilities is always the one riding the beautiful horse. Horses are beautiful in every single way and how gentle and friendly they are to humans don't hurt either.

9) We're almost done. I like polar bears. I guess I'm following somewhat of a winter theme but I don't really know why. I like animals that remind me of winter or have white fur. I don't know, I just love it. Here's a fact you might have not known about polar bears. They're left handed. Yeah, all of them. Weird isn't it? If you know why please do tell me. I don't really know the whole story... But anyways I like polar bears because they look so wild and fierce on one side but on the other they look like innocent snow coated bears so that's why I like them so much.

10) Last but not definitely not least is... I don't really know. I can't think of anything else! Aaahhh! I'm sorry that I really can't come up with anything. If I do, I'll let you know on another post. For now comment on what you thought about this post and your favorite animals and so on. Thanks!