Day 10 of the Blogging Challenge

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I'm not going to lie. If you are going to try the blogging challenge, it really is a challenge. Sometimes you're just too busy or other cases you're just too lazy. I guess that is really the whole point of a challenge but anyway... here it is!

Favorite Food
Here's just a few...

1) Sushi/Sashimi
I am a 100% lover of seafood from Japan. My favorite sushi (rice and fish) would have to be either salmon or aburi toro which is a part of the tuna that you cook one side of with a large flame. Then you add some garnish on top and it tastes amazing! So those are my favorites.
By Calgary Reviews
(Salmon Sushi)

By jetalone
(aburi toro)

2) Pasta 
I love pasta. I don't know anyone who doesn't. There are people who don't have pasta as one of their top 10 or 5 favorites but pasta is really good and there are many kinds of pasta to choose from as well as different sauces and flavors to cook with and eat with. I don't exactly have a favorite kind or type of pasta so I don't exactly have specifics or a picture to go along with it.

3) Noodles
I'm being very general, I know but I just can't pick an absolute favorite. The same with pasta, there are different kinds of noodles and different soups to go along with it. When I say noodles I mean the oriental kind. I know some people say noodles as in pasta but that's not the case here. Just so you know.

Trust me I like a lot more things. I could make a whole list and describe why but no blog post is going to be that long on this blog. Here's an interesting and very frequently asked question but I was just curious to know. Do you live to eat or eat to live? Comment below!