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I know I haven't been online sharing that little bit of what is going on in my thought web. The quilt will never design itself so here it goes. 

Every time, well most of the time, I go to my blog and kind of go through in my head what I will start to write but then when I face this blank document my head goes blank. The ideas that I had in mind before don't seem that good anymore and then fear rushes in and the worry that people wont' like it. If authors were so scared of showing their work out there we would have no books to read. So when even I know that this blog won't go anywhere without me writing anything I'm still not writing, even when I know that if everything keeps striking me as a risk or challenge I don't want to take I will never accomplish anything. I'm still too... confused? The feeling or thoughts that have never come to me as 100% fear, worry, fright, scary, fun, exciting or anything like that. It's mixed emotions without a one specific word to call it, well at least a word that I know of. I feel like this word is going to sum up all the times that I think that I feel this fear and held back at the same time willing to do something, to write my voice. Is it just me or do we sometimes think for a second what we are about to type in. Saying things is always easy, I talk all the time but when it come to writing what you could normally say to only one person or a couple of friends becomes this whole idea of writing it or typing it to the point where you don't even know the individual person that is looking at this blog. When I was little I would always have these crazy ideas on a story I wanted to write. Every time I would go to my mum and read it to her, she mostly asks me "What is the point of this story?" and I am left clueless but now I feel like the younger me should've said this. 
"The point of this story is the creativeness of my mind coming out into words. The point is that this piece of paper was born to do something and now it is a written story. The point is that this story is my thought and this idea of this character discovering something or learning something that he/she didn't know. Is there supposed to be a bold point or will that just be the moral?"  

Though it doesn't make an extremely clear sense it kind of flows between the lines of it's my story and I can do whatever I want with it. It is true though. I mean if someone were to edit the mistakes or add in a couple of additional thing, great! If someone were to take the idea and follow this new concept and bloom another story, you are very welcome to! If someone were to take this story and credit it their own, it becomes a straight NO. So I guess writing this post was partially to get my mind straight and know why is it that we feel this fright before pressing publish but I also hope that it gave you the knowledge and the a different opinion to blogging. 


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Loved this post Seika! Welcome to the world of the writer. It is hard to know what to write and what to share and what "they" may like or not like, but let me give you some advice. Write it all! The doubts, the fears,m the confidence, your truth. As long as you right honestly and from the heart and what you think and feel and dream and live, your vocie will carry to where it needs to go.

This post is a great example! You have shared your fears and doubts and I totally get it. I know many people can relate, and I am sure they will tell you so when they read your post. We are working strategies in your writer's notebook. Go back to your chart and see if you can fish out some stories there. Think of people, moments, issues that you care about. It will come. The first step is having the need to be heard and by the sound of this post you have that itch!

I can share this post with my network if you like and possibly get more advice for you. Let me know how you feel about that. I for one am very excited to read your blog.

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Thank-you for the advice! I'd really appreciate it if you could share it with your network. I'd love to get more feedback and as well more advice. :)