A Poem; A First Try

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Hey! So I'm practically new to this world of poetry though I am very excited to be introduced to it. 
It isn't just a couple days ago I was introduced to poetry, it was actually years ago. When I was in Grade 1 we would make little poems that fit within the shape we were given. I don't think I knew what I was doing then. I probably thought that I was just writing some words down that merely made any sense but it just had to fit in the shape. 

So now that I have been introduced I have been searching to see if there was anything that I could base a poem on. Walking back home I didn't have much to do so I decided to think and make new poems in my head. They are most certainly not amazing or in anyway good but I thought I would just give it try. Here it goes.


Where did it go
all that wind and blow
Where did it go
all that love and warmth
What happened
to that mighty song
What happened 
to that joy when it played
Here I am
stood yet sitting
Here I am 
happy yet crying
Don't blame me for my wrongs
Don't blame me for my curiosity
If you blame me
blame me for my love of 

I used to sing along 
though there were no words
I used to dance a long 
though there were no beats
What happened 
to what I used to do
What happened
to what I thought I knew
Where did it go
my hopes and smiles
Where did it go
I said
as I 
the music

I'd really love to hear your feedback so that I can improve. Thank-you : )


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Sunny C
25 November 2013 at 18:53 delete

I'd like to refresh my brain with poetry! I like that you added some poetic devices, you are an amazing fwend XP