TDW: Sidereal

I've taken to using a shortened version of The Daily Write (TDW). I'm already this lazy and the first story is just about to begin. I really doubt this will actually last. But anyway, my first story was inspired by the word sidereal.

1. Astronomy. determined by or from the stars: sidereal time
2. Astronomy. of or pertaining to the stars.

We’ll look up at the night sky and all we see is the dark. No moonlight to guide us, no stars to fascinate us. The only thing that makes the night soothing is the lamp posts along the side of the road. Take that away and it’ll be the darkest night you’d ever see. The stars have been gone a while now. The moon decided to shine elsewhere. Maybe the stars and the moon decided that we weren’t worthy of their beauty. That we weren’t appreciative. They left us to be with our lampposts and headlights. It was fifty years ago that they vanished. Completely disappeared from our reach and sight. Only fifty years. All the scientists say there will be a comeback. A day when they shine so bright it will blind us so that they can prove to us that they are more than just worthy, they’re extraordinary and exquisite. Everyone else says that the minute the moon vanished, so did our hope. Hope for the next day, hope for the next sun. Maybe we were just engulfed in darkness that even a single light wouldn’t survive. The dark has been what it is since fifty years ago. The sun exists, no here but it’s there. I guess it applies to to the moon and the stars too. It exists, not here but elsewhere. They come up in our textbooks and stories told by the elderly. You wonder what beauty it must’ve contained, what life it must’ve given and you look now and all the plants are withered and all our emotions darker.

I’ll be thankful the day the sun, moon and stars comeback. Even if it’s enough to blind all of us back to darkness. The last light I’ll see would be that. A light so bright it hurts. A light that shines so that it can be heard. A light that sings a song that everyone will sing for the rest of their lives but no one will ever get tired of because it always reminds us what a day that was. When the light that shone on our skin was naturally warm that it left us all smiling. I’ll be waiting for the comeback and I’ll be grateful when it does.

Many people say that our life is determined by the stars we see. The wishes we send to the shooting stars that descend. The hopes we have at night that are heard by the moon. If we believed at what those people say, we’d all be hopeless cases. Because many of us have never seen a star. And if we’ve never seen a star, that means we haven’t given a wish worth listening to. And maybe that’s a sign that we’ve already got everything we’ve ever wished for and when we wish for things, they don’t really count or matter because they’re worthless little things. Worthless little things that have no meaning or sentiment. We grew up privileged yet die regretful with things on our bucket list still haven’t crossed off. Things on our bucket list we have yet to see.

The day the stars, moon and the sun comeback it’ll be a night to remember. It’ll be bigger than all birthdays combined of the whole human population. It’ll be an event that no one has their cameras turned on and ready for but it’ll be an event that everyone will have encased into their memories. It’ll forever be written in stories and be a whole chapter on history books. It’ll be an event where people will reminisce about. It’ll be an event where the whole universe seems to have changed for us. It’ll be an event where nothing but universe mattered.

There will be a magnificent show of starlights and a disperse of brightness. There will the illuminated night sky that no longer looks dark but the brightest color possible. This is the day where people will smile the most. This is the day that people will remember the most. This is the day you want everyone to know you saw even though everyone you tell will have seen it too. This day will be given the tittle VID, very important day. But it won’t be just VID, it’ll be TMIDTHEE, the most important day to have ever existed. And when that day comes, it’ll be the decision made by the stars when the whole sidereal system pours bright lights down to Earth and leave us stunned with it’s illumination.

The Daily Write

As part of my plan to start writing more frequently, I have resulted into getting inspired by word of the days from different websites. I try, at the same time, to understand the word but to also come up with the story in which the word is used and explored. It's almost as easy as it sounds, until you start to question whether or not any of the words you write make sense. The honest truth is probably a big, fat no. The words that appear on this blog are not thought through that well considering this is the internet and... Well I guess that sums it up. It's the internet. That's not to say that I don't go over what I post here, because I do and I often go back to older ones to review them again to make sure. However, the internet is as unedited as it gets, I think, so here is a space where I get to write short stories inspired by one word. I don't know how long this will last, I'm betting two days, but we'll see, won't we?

Another Story (Kind of)

Darkness. I could open my eyes or close them and it'd still be the same shade of a dark with a melancholy twist to it. I don't know how contrasting colors look like. In my head, the color wheel was in dots and spaces of ones, twos, threes, fours, fives and sixes. I couldn't grasp the idea of color or the difference between black and white. However, that's an ability I'd like to be thankful for. What with everything going on, the discrimination and the abundance of public hatred, I feel as if I can see people without judging them the first glance. Though I am thankful, I am also fascinated yet aggravated at the ignorance some people hold. "What's your favorite color?" they ask and sometimes I pause for a little while to see if they realized the stupidity of that question and other times they just repeat it, unfazed but the ignorance they just spewed out. I try to humor those people though, by saying my favorite color is turquoise. I've never seen the color, I just like the way it rolls off my tongue. There's a certain smoothness to it, but also this staccato feel. When I see someone in my head, it's not there actual face I see. It's their expression, stories, and noises. Yes, noises. Their laughter or the tone of their voice is easy to pick up after so long. I've been asked to feel someones' face and then draw it on a piece of paper with marking of dots on them to guide me. I've done that a couple times now, I don't think it ever works. 

Sadly, the fact that I can't ever truly see through my eyes will never change but it doesn't seem to bother me. More than anything I feel lost. Lost because I feel like I'm missing out on the secret that is color, art, and vision. I was not gifted that secret. Instead, I was neglected, neglected by the others around me, before me, after me. 

So what is color in my head? Color is noise, texture, tastes and sparks of electricity. I can visualize, somehow, the spurs of color in my head when I hear music. I can detect the smaller things in life without my eyes. True, I can only see darkness but within the darkness is other adventures. Adventures worth exploring. 

It's Been A While...


I am certain no one keeps track of my activity on this blog. I am certain that even if I were to apologize, no one would care about the long inactivity of this blog. Either way I've written something I'm mediocrely proud of and that's saying a lot considering how bad my usual writing is. So I decided to share it today. Maybe not the best idea but why not. During class, my teacher gave us an idea of what we could write about. He said to draw a hand and label the hand with memories, meaning, symbols and actions that connect to your hand. It would be personal, of course, but it would also be general because our hands hold stories that someone out there would understand. The written work I have today might be relatable. It's not great but it's simple. And maybe that's all it needs but here it is:

Ever since I could've, ever since I knew the meaning. The pinky promise meant the most to me. As a little girl, promises meant forever until they were accomplished. The promises I have kept with my mum, dad, grandparents, uncles, aunts and friends. Many of which probably don't hold a meaning to them but at that moment it felt like more. Even more reliable than a contract. The promise of my pinky finger to yours meant more that just the promise. It meant that I cared, you cared. It meant, above all, this promise was to be kept but there are things out of my control, things out of yours. Times change, people change and maybe that's why if I were to sacrifice my pinky for every promise, I'd run out in a second. There are promises long forgotten. Promises I remember yet act nothing upon them. Many promises, broken. My pinky is sore through regret and pain, but I still hold it with pride. There are lots of promises I wish I never made. Ones I don't even know the importance of, but each held a significance in that split moment. Joined fingers meant a true promise, more than your word. The pinky was above all. Maybe as children we see the innocence of the act as if it were a spontaneous spur of the moment thing. Maybe as children we didn't know how much a promise meant. We were willing, indirectly, to give our pinky and word to the other and would go through with it. None of us knew the broken promises to come. How we would have to mend them, piece by piece. Bandage it up just so it can bleed again. Some broken promises only sting a little, other feel like crushed bones but the moment I kept my promise and the moment you kept yours, everything seemed right. Everything seemed innocent. We were children once again, conjoining fingers making a promise that would last. 

So probably not great but I gave it a shot. I plan to be more active, give this blog a voice. One different from mine but for now... bye!

I Guess It's Almost Been A Year...

The last time I posted was on June 2014 which is almost a year now. I'm not a heavy writer nor a blogger as you can tell but sometimes you're in the mood. Blogging is not a chore nor a job to me but it is still a commitment and I think it's really easy to forget that. I've never been a huge fan of blogs or blog writing, but it's great a medium to get your thoughts out there, regardless if anyone actually reads it or not. On that note of commitment and such I kind of want to talk about responsibility.

No matter how old or young, you are responsible for something. I've recently gotten a puppy, an adorable one at that, however, there are a lot of things that you are suddenly responsible for. It's kinds of like raising a kid but dropped drown a couple notches. I still have to train him, my dog, to pee and poo at the right places. Teach him to not bite people as he would his toys. Make him stop barking at 3am in the morning. Making sure he gets enough play but also making sure that he is obedient. Then there is the food and the cleaning and all of this goes under a lot of responsibilities. Of course, this is nothing like having a kid or what not but it is a lot of handles as a teenager.

Regardless of what you are held responsible for, you should hold that responsibility with pride. The potted plant you were supposed to let grow in the first grade or your first artwork in Kindergarten should all be memories that you keep in your pocket or in your brain to remind you of how far you've come. Your first recital and the second, the thirds, heck even the fiftieth should be held in high esteem because it was your achievement that was only achievable because you took the responsibility of it.

I know how annoying I must sound - telling you that you are responsible for your own actions. I think that there will come a time when piles and piles of work are just dumped on your shoulders and maybe you'll say "Ugh. I never signed up for this." but you actually did. Little actions that led to one thing. We're all living the domino effect. 

... Bye!


It hurts when you fail. You either learn things the hard way or the easy way and to be honest I don't really remember the last thing that I learned easily. The things that you learned the hard way tend to stick with you more than the stuff you learned easily. The feeling of failure and success are what we might think complete opposites. I tend to disagree. The cup is half full. (cheesy but it's the truth) With failure will hopefully come success. You can learn from your mistakes and even though it is the most annoying thing to hear, it's the complete truth. I am cringing even just typing this piece of cheesy and overrated advice right now but no matter how annoyed I get it's the complete and real truth. With every failure or dim light that I've had, normally comes a better outcome the next time something like that happens. Hearing that you have to see how your path of failure will lead to success is like hearing someone tell you "I told you (so)" and it's the most annoying and aggravating thing to hear but it only is irritating because it's the hateful truth. The truth that we try to avoid most of the time because it just is a pain to think that someone else is right when you strongly support your opinion but then again there is a difference between opinion and stupid opinions. Your opinion should matter the most to you. If someone is going to tell you that your drawing was horrid and you should just erase it all, which no one should ever say to anyone, then you shouldn't care what they think. I'm just saying that there will be someone out there that says that it is beautiful and keep up with it. If you have the determination, it can lead you to so many new and wonderful places. It sucks because even though tons and tons of people will say that you did an amazing job on whatever it is that you did, there will be one person that tells you it isn't good enough and that just hurts us. Take and artist for example. I singer, dancer, musician or painter in a large crowd your work will be appreciated as well as unappreciated. There will always be people that bring you down amongst the people that appreciate it and tell you you did well. It's a weird psychological thing I guess? The truth is if you were to take in all the negative things that were said about you, it would hurt so much that you might even stop believing in yourself and I realize that I sound like that one person that tells you that everything is going to be okay even though everything is obviously collapsing but I'm also the one that tells you that amongst all this collapse, there will always be a sprinkle of light and you will always have someone. I mean come on! There are what 7 billion people on this planet and if you believe that amongst all those people no one cares for you, it's just not the truth. What I dislike about myself is that I choose to care about people's opinions that shouldn't matter to me. I look back at the times that people have said mean things or untrue things about me and see how much it hurt me when in all honesty I shouldn't even have considered it for even a second but that is just how things are. No matter how many people tell you that some people are just not worth your time, you still care and you let it bring you down. Even after writing this whole blog post, that is pretty long, by the way, I will still let people's opinions matter to me even though they shouldn't. I realize that this is a whole lot of rambling of a simple piece of advice: Your opinion is the only opinion that should matter. Be your own judge and don't let other people bring you down because you don't need negative energy. Life is too short on mingling in the opinion's of others that don't and shouldn't matter. Of course, there is a handful of people that opinions should and would matter, for example, your parents but everyone else that isn't in that handful, let those words stick with them. It shouldn't get into your bubble. Even after reading this you might let those words swim into your bubble but maybe it will hurt less?  I realize that this post might be nothing that you haven't heard before but just a quick reminder. Stay Happy :)


Summer Is Here!

So Summer for me is coming up in a day! Personally summer isn't my favorite time of the year. Even though summer is my longest break/holiday, it's not my absolute favorite season. Don't get me wrong I love summer but sometimes it gets overly hot and when you live in a place that is constantly and 24/7 hot all the time, Summer doesn't get as exciting anymore. It sucks because I love all four seasons yet I can't experience them all. I get why people are always excited for summer. You get to go to new places and have fun, meet new people, experience new experiences and chill before your next school year comes along but to be honest it just sucks when you start the new year because I think for most of us, the next summer break is actually what keeps us driving to finish the new school year and that's the cycle for about 12 years and that's a long couple of years. I've read books where characters go to a new place for the summer and magical things happen but lets face reality and think, we're probably not going to meet anybody extraordinary like the characters in books do. I know that some of us do but not the most of us and that's just the truth. You never really know how much you want something until you don't have it right? And that something might as well be summer. So enjoy your summer is all I'm trying to say. :) Have fun! Maybe create a blog about your summer experiences and share it with the world? I won't count on myself to do so though, I think I'll take a huge long two month break. Well, for the meanwhile... Bye!